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Artificial Intelligence: Our AI is Your AI

Lower Your Risk, Gain Insights, Savings, Security and more by making OUR AI team YOUR AI team.

What Makes Sigma AI’s Solutions Unique?

At Sigma AI, our application program interface (API) can process data from any source (text, audio, image, video and biometric data) and so we are not confined to one specialized area like many other companies. Our senior technical team has more than 30 years combined experience with AI technologies. We’ve invested heavily into developing the tools and technologies that allow us to easily and efficiently adapt our AiCurate API technology for each use case. At Sigma AI we believe the only way to optimize AI technologies is to adapt them to each unique scenario−because for the time being, there is “no one size fits all” and so we provide our clients with a customized bespoke solution.

Lastly but not least, no matter how good your AI technology is, if the training data used for the deep learning or machine learning algorithms is not of the highest quality, then the technology will not be accurate enough to augment, enhance, or replace people. Training data preparation is an integral and organic part of Sigma’s organization.  That’s why we are one of the few companies in the industry with ten years of experience in training data with some of the largest technology companies in the world.

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AiCURATE™ API and Product

Sigma’s API and Artificial Intelligence Product, AiCURATE™ examines and processes text, natural language, image, video, voice and biometric data. This broad technology coverage allows Sigma to build simple to extraordinarily complex and specialized solutions in key functional areas and can be adapted based on the specific use case.


  • Automotive Augmentation

  • Medical Imaging

  • Security and Threat Prediction


Intelligent Agent

  • Call Centers

  • Customer Service Centers

  • Sales

  • Virtual Assistants



  • Media and Entertainment Insight

  • Image and Video Recognition