Machine-Automation + Human Intelligence
Is A Match Made in Training Data Heaven


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Training Data Transcription – Even the Best AI with poor or limited data won’t get good results. Sigma AI can help.

Machine-Automated Transcription – Get the first MILLION WORDS FREE! We’ll trade you great services for your genericized data.

Transcription for Training Data

When it comes to Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Natural Language Understanding (NLU), quality and volume of training data is crucial. No matter how good the technology if the quality and/or the volume of the training data is not sufficient, the results will be poor and below the minimum of what’s required to be useful.So, whether you’re looking for supplemental services to enrich the speech data you already have from your virtual assistant, or it’s a new source of voice data, Sigma AI can enrich your data at scale, cost-effectively, faster and more accurately than many of its competitors.

Machine-Automated Transcription

Using Sigma’s plug and play API for machine-automated transcription and get the first million words transcribed for FREE! Maybe you’re looking for transcriptions of healthcare diagnoses, college lectures or legal depositions, whatever the need–Sigma AI can help get you there, quickly and cost-effectively. All we ask in return is that Sigma AI keeps your genericized data to use with their own AI technologies

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Why Sigma AI?

Sigma AI boasts more than 25 years of experience in data preparation. From audio transcription, annotation, translation, dialogues, handwriting, signatures, and text, Sigma AI offers scalable customizable solutions–whether you’re just getting your business off the ground or you have large-volume training data needs. Through a perfect union of machine-automation and human intelligence, supported by a robust QA process, Sigma AI can achieve a 99% accuracy rate in over 60+ languages. Sigma is proud to have worked on over 100,000 hours of audio data preparation, with several of the largest technology companies in the world, who represent 98.6% of the mobile phone platforms.

Sigma offers a range of services–find one that suits your need

Natural Language Processing and Language Modeling

  • Text collection, filtering, and analytics
  • Syntactic and semantic annotation, disambiguation, topic classification, and categorization

  • Text analytics

  • Design, development, and validation of corpora for automatic text summarization

  • Sentiment (irony, humor, sarcasm) analysis and annotation

  • Dialogue design

Text to Speech Conversion

  • Corpus design

  • Professional/nonprofessional speaker selection

  • High quality studio recording and quality check

Machine Translation

  • Text translation and parallel corpus development for statistical machine translation

  • Construction of ontologies and dictionaries

  • Rule-based machine translation

Technology/UI Evaluation

  • Efficiency, effectiveness and user satisfaction under real world conditions

Image/Video Annotation

  • For object, location or people recognition and identification

Biometric Identification

  • Database design, collection, and annotation for voice biometrics

Speech Recognition

  • Design and collection of speech databases

  • Transcription and annotation of audio and audiovisual content using a variety of annotation tools

  • Construction of pronunciation dictionaries and phonetic transcription

  • Dialect and accent classification

  • Utterance evaluation and validation

  • Validation of speech and language technologies and services