Whether it is security threats, life-threatening diseases, or a series of events in the financial markets: AI has capabilities beyond comprehension. Let our team guide you to a better understanding of all AI can do for your business.

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Artificial Intelligence is faster, more precise, and less expensive over time than alternative methods of Detection.

Imagine the power of AI. In the time it takes a highly paid health professional to analyze a single scan AI can analyze tens of thousands with significantly higher accuracy and lower costs.

Open your mind and consider the opportunity that AI presents for your company. Schedule a complimentary consultation today. You’ll be surprised at just how significant the ROI of outsourced Artificial Intelligence services can be.



SIGMA AI provides services for companies that represent 98.6% of all mobile phone platforms.

Sigma Atlas

Intelligence and Insight
  • Evaluate satellite images through ML to identify patterns such as economic activity, infrastructure, construction

  • Evaluate market information through review of SEC documents for trading advantage (10K, 10Q, 8Q)

  • Evaluate mobile data monetization opportunities through advertising

Sigma Cerberus

Law Enforcement/Defense/Security
  • Evaluate CCTV feeds  and monitor social networks in real time for threat identification and law enforcement

Sigma Insight

Media and Advertising
  • Real-time captioning and translation to expand the audience and further monetize advertising

  • Automatically tracks how many times a logo appears on a video in real-time

  • Delivers data that would be cumbersome, expensive, and error-prone if collected manually

Sigma Hippocrates

Healthcare Diagnostics
  • Automated Search for cancer indicators in a mammography image

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”

Albert Einstein

“The natural desire of good men is knowledge”

Leonardo da Vinci

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”

Isaac Newton